About us

We are a modern restaurant in the centre of Nitra, right under the Nitra castle in the (Župné námestie) County Square with the unique combination of modern gastronomy, professional service, pleasant atmosphere in the non-traditional scene. Each of us definitely desires to make his home to an oasis of peace and happiness and let the harmony, peace and comfort to pervade the area, so that all members of the family and also the visitors would feel as good as possible. All this created our architects right here in our WASABI restaurant.

We can guarantee all this to you in the tailored interior made of solid wood in arranged in the Feng Shui style. When to all this are added tastes of modern gastronomy and Asian cuisine of which the basis of our menu are perfect steaks and by our chefs and Sushi Masters created special meal variations, which cannot be found in a wide area. So our restaurant provides an ideal place for an romantic dinner, celebration of an special occasion or an business lunch.

They wrote about us..

"Delicious as always, me and my girlfriend have enjoyed it a lot... An interesting choice of sushi rolls, people who are preparing the menu have an unusual taste. I recommend Steven roll. I had to have it twice. „Although there was no place for dessert then, but we were here either neither the first nor the last time.” The next time we will definitely try also something sweet."


They wrote about us..

"Great location on the square near the theatre, very pleasant scene, nice music. We degusted a salmon tartar and excellent red devil rolls, steven roll and tricolor. We will definitely be back soon on the same again or we will try something new."


They wrote about us..

"Fantastic atmosphere, excellent servicing. The food was very tasty and served at a professional level. Every time we were very satisfied here and we like to come back."


They wrote about us...

"We have visited Wasabi several times already, whether on some celebrations or just walking out of the theatre or just so. The scene has its charm, the service is nice, but the biggest reason to visit was sushi, we like it and when there is an opportunity, we always taste it. The quality of sushi is on a very good level. We can only recommend it."



+421 37/642 55 88